become a Stylist and shape your life
Shape your work - shape your life.
Grow a business on your own terms.
Decide where and when you work
and how much you’ll earn.
Become a Ruby Ribbon Stylist and
join our movement to make a
difference for other women.
We support you with all the training
and resources you’ll need to
Get started as a Ruby Ribbon
Stylist TODAY.
shape your work
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    BE A #rubyribbon
    opportunity with
    a flexible
    business model
    that lets you
    shape your life.
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    Earn up to 40%
    + bonuses.
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    Perks, product
    & travel
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    & support.
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    Join a
    community that
    women with real
    confidence &
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Opportunity Camicall
shape your money
Join a growing company in the exciting and thriving intimates and athleisure industry
where you can shape your money and shape lives at the same time. Earn up to 40%
commission on all sales with unlimited potential when you sponsor and lead a Stylist
team. Plus you call the shots, so you have flexibility to make your business a perfect fit for
your life.
career plan
Our career plan gives you options - you can be a top seller, a top leader, or both! Our plan
is based on 3 key income producing activities: selling, sponsoring, and activating new
Stylists. As a seller, you are working toward your individual sales goals and as a Leader,
you are working on building group volume with your team. Join us and grab your share of
the multi-billion dollar intimates industry.
join our free weekly cami call
Scheduled every Sunday & Monday
5PM Pacific / 7PM Central / 8PM Eastern
“I love being part of this vibrant and growing company. As a Stylist, I can help shape the company while having the career of my dreams around my family’s schedule. This is what a balanced life looks and feels like!”
-Jamie, VP
“Ruby Ribbon provides a safe space for women to have intimate conversations about their bodies and their lives. As a Stylist, I am part of the solution where real women support real women.”
-Livvy, Associate VP
“Camis are not just for date night or a night on the town. You can wear Ruby Ribbon even if you’re a cowgirl like me! Being a Stylist has enabled me to stay home on the ranch and not get a job in town. What a blessing!”
-Kim, Associate VP
“Ruby Ribbon lets you be you. There’s no mold or persona you need to fit into. It doesn’t matter what your background is. You can be successful here and feel like you belong.”
Associate Director
Opportunity Benefits
“Everything about the incentive trip was amazing! They didn’t spare any expense, nor did they leave out any details. I’m going back next year.”
–Sherry, Director
“I have just spent the most inspirational week with the best, most supportive, brightest, driven brilliant bossbabes! Now to get home and get to work!”
–Kim, Associate VP
Free Product
“With Ruby Ribbon, you have tons of opportunities to earn product credit. I’ve never had to purchase anything because I always have product credit to put toward something I want. It’s awesome!”
–Renee, Director
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Opportunity Special Offer
special offer
shape your business
and find the perfect fit
Join our community of women entrepreneurs supporting other women and grow your
business on your own terms. We have two incredible kits to help you get started. Choose
the one that is a perfect fit for you.
choose a kit

try it

starter kit





Essential Lookbook
Pack of 10

Seasonal Lookbook
Pack of 10

With this kit, you receive a Personal Website, access to RUBY, Welcome Guide, pack of Essential Lookbooks, pack of Seasonal Lookbooks, and Measuring Tape.

let's go

starter kit


retail value $279


Essential Lookbook
Pack of 10

Product Credit



Seasonal Lookbook
Pack of 10

This kit comes with all business supplies included in Try It PLUS $250 in product credit. You will be able to redeem the product credit once you complete enrollment and log into your Back Office.

build your ruby business
Open your online store
We'll create a personalized website for you to keep track of your new business and watch sales activity right from the comfort of your own home. (Don't worry, tech expertise is not required.)

With support from HQ and our community of mentors and leaders, you'll have plenty of support along the way.
get access to ruby,
your personal coach app
RUBY is our Stylist tool and digital hub-think of her as your personal coach. RUBY provides training, business tools and content so you can successfully build your business.

Download the RUBY app to help you stay connected and run your business from your fingertips - it's convenient and easy!
join our community
& make an impact
Our mission is simple: To Support Women With Real Comfort, Confidence & Opportunity.

Join us and help be a positive force of women supporting women.
network, sell & build
Get personalized mentorship, training and support! We’re here to help you set up your first Trunk Show, Tap into a rich digital library of assets featuring our high quality Ruby Ribbon product lines.

Learn to network, sell and build like a
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ready to shape your life?
frequently asked questions

If you are interested in becoming a Ruby Ribbon Stylist, connect with your Stylist or sign up by going to Enroll Now.

As a Ruby Ribbon Stylist, you will have the opportunity to be a part of a very lucrative $14 billion intimate apparel industry.

You will be an independent representative of the brand and will be paid a commission based on your personal and team sales and earn new titles as you build your teams.

Becoming a Stylist means so many different things to so many different women. Our stylists represent strength, entrepreneurship, inspiration, community, influence, and opportunity.

We are so proud to support all the women in our Ruby Ribbon community!

This opportunity is so much more than a paycheck.

This business comes with community, recognition and team work.

Our Stylists enjoy a very competitive compensation program, can earn incentive trips, and participate in exciting events.

This opportunity is open to anyone who resides in the United States, is over the age of 18, and purchases a Starter Kit during the enrollment process.

There are no monthly sales requirements to be a Stylist; however, in order to keep your Stylist account active with Ruby Ribbon, you need to sell a minimum of $300 in personal qualifying volume within a 3-month rolling period.

The investment you make to become a Stylist is small in comparison to the lifetime of rewards you receive as a Ruby Ribbon Stylist.

We would love for you to join our amazing and strong team of female entrepreneurs and community leaders.

To become a Stylist, you will first need to purchase a Starter Kit here, then the process will begin.

If you would like to first be connected to a Stylist, please submit a ticket to Customer Support so they can match you to a Stylist based on your zip code.

Please submit a ticket and choose the drop down box called “finding a Stylist”. Include your details there and we will get back to you with the best matched Stylist based on your zip code.