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Anna Zornosa, Fouder & CEO of Ruby Ribbon
Let's All Have Our Dreams Together-Anna Zornosa

September 2017

An Open Letter to the Ruby Ribbon Community:
Our Commitment to our Stylists
From Anna Zornosa, CEO and Founder, Ruby Ribbon

I created this company because I believe in women. I believe that no woman should make a trade-off between comfort and appearance, and that clothing that fits, lifts and supports can positively impact that most beautiful of things: confidence.

Today, virtually all of our business is conducted through our independent Stylists, who work their business part-time or full-time and always flexibly as they navigate lives filled with competing priorities, new challenges, burgeoning families, dreams and ideas. We are dedicated to the success of the Ruby Ribbon Independent Stylists. We hope to show in our every policy, action, and promise that we believe we succeed when SHE succeeds. And we back this intent with very specific business practices.

I believe that we can never over-state or over-explain the actions we put behind that intent, and to that end, let me outline the specific practices we follow to support our Stylists and to make their Ruby Ribbon businesses both profitable and lucrative.

Our Promises:

  • We commit to creating a line of products that delight customers and enhance their lives. Our unique and transformative product will always adhere to the highest production standards and not sacrifice quality for volume or profitability. We are encouraged by our high customer satisfaction scores and the phenomenal rate of repeat purchasing that are the results of our adherence to this promise.
  • We commit to giving our independent Stylists the training and coaching support they need to serve their customers beautifully through a sustainable and thriving business model.
  • Our starter kit offers are valued much higher than the price the new stylist pays, and are carefully built with product & business supplies that allow our Stylists to produce a profit on her investment within her first 2 to 3 trunk shows (based on our company event – called trunk show - average of $850).
  • We don’t require her to make an ongoing investment. Stylists sell from a set of samples that are bought when she joins. These starter kits contain products that she can sell season after season. The purchases her customers make are shipped directly from the Ruby Ribbon warehouse to the customer or the trunk show hostess. Our entire product line is always available to be sold through our Stylists’ personal websites and through our printed marketing collateral. Additionally, through our Consistency Program, samples of upcoming product launches can be earned through consistent sales or sponsoring activity.
  • We do not compensate Stylists, or the woman who sponsored her (her upline), for personal purchases and we strongly discourage the practice of purchasing inventory for the purpose of resale.

As your CEO, I can promise our customers, our Stylists, our employees and members of our community that I will always lead this company toward the path of integrity, transparency and the highest ethical standards. Ruby Ribbon was named after a Chinese tradition about the importance of the bonds women create with each other. We proliferate those bonds through a commitment to focus on the success of the entrepreneurs who represent our products.

The members of the Ruby Ribbon team welcome any questions. And of course we thank our customers and Stylists for their role in building a company with integrity.


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Beautiful Inside & Out, Ruby Ribbon
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