Global Sourcing

At Ruby Ribbon, we are committed to being a positive force of women supporting women and delivering quality products that provide support, comfort, and confidence. This commitment extends from the way we develop and source our products to our day-to-day operations and to our interactions with customers and Stylists.


By continuing to innovate with new styles, fabrics, designs, and constructions, we will better deliver on our brand promise and differentiate ourselves to become a market leader. With that goal in mind, we work with high quality manufacturers around the world that produce some of the leading global apparel and shapewear brands.


Since 2014, we have been globally sourcing the highest quality materials possible and producing across multiple continents. Our manufacturers are WRAP-certified and practice ethical and socially responsible business standards that include treating their predominantly female workforce with dignity and respect. Our manufacturers are also conscious of the environmental impact of their operations. We will continue to hold them to the highest standards and expect them to align with our core values, as we grow and innovate our product portfolio.