Anna Zornosa, Fouder & CEO of Ruby Ribbon


As a career woman and mom, I spent many years climbing the corporate ladder. And like many other women, I was always on the hunt for clothes that helped me to look and feel my most fabulous. This was no small feat for someone who has struggled with her weight throughout her life.

Several years ago, however, I discovered a secret weapon: shapewear. After many trips back and forth to my local department store, and lots of experimenting, I found a few foundational shapewear pieces that I couldn’t live without. I incorporated these pieces into my daily wardrobe, and was amazed by the boost of confidence they gave me.

Then one day I had an ah-ha moment: I realized it would be fantastic if I could figure out a way to combine shapewear with everyday clothing!

So I tracked down the best and brightest lingerie, fashion and activewear designers, marrying their skills and learning from each along the way, and helped to create a collection of exciting, new shaping basics that can easily work with any woman’s existing wardrobe.

I’m so proud to introduce you to our Ruby Ribbon collection.

Ruby Ribbon was inspired by my simple desire to create a company built around the idea of empowering women to look and feel their best, while going after their dreams.

Let’s all live our dreams together.


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Founder and CEO

Let's All Have Our Dreams Together-Anna Zornosa
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