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Intomi by Ruby Ribbon®

Amazing Experience With Intomi By Ruby Ribbon

It's your new secret weapon

Using exclusive shapewear technology and construction techniques, Intomi by Ruby Ribbon™ is in every single one of our garments. Each piece of clothing in the Ruby Ribbon collection is designed to ensure you always look and feel like your most fabulous you.

Our garments solve a number of common body challenges, such as: smoothing your core, shaping your legs, leaning out your hips, and lifting your bust.

Silicone Gripper Edge Ensures Garments Remain Anchored

"Stay put" inner slip

Our silicone gripper edge ensures that our garments remain anchored, avoiding any "riding up" or rolling. Featured in both our Pencil and Maxi skirts, you can be sure that wherever you leave it, that's where it stays!
Designed For Everyday Wear- Comfortable, Wearable, & Breathable

Hidden shapewear

Each of our pieces features smoothing and shaping elements that only you will know about! Almost all of the pieces in our collection are designed for everyday wear--all of our garments are comfortable, wearable, and breathable.
Smoothing Your Core & Shaping Your Legs

5" Tummy panel

We want every woman who wears our clothing to feel smoothed out and confident, and our extra wide 5"  tummy panel does the trick. With 20% spandex, you'll feel like you just got back from Pilates class.
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