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We Take Product Design Seriously

Ruby Ribbon Promise

Stop by our Burlingame, CA Ruby Ribbon office on any given day, and you'll likely come across someone on our staff wearing Ruby Ribbon clothing. Whether it's a Ruby Ribbon original for next season, a redesign of one of our latest ideas, or simply an old favorite, we're committed to ensuring that each of our garments is comfortable, functional and fashionable.

We don't design our clothing for mannequins, we design it for women just like you (and just like us!).

With cutting-edge construction techniques, fashionable designs, and our Intomi by Ruby Ribbon™ technology, you won't find anything else on the market like the Ruby Ribbon collection. Each piece is designed to bring out the confidence of every woman who wears it, no matter what her size or shape.

We truly believe that each of you deserve to feel beautiful, both inside and out.

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