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My style:
I'm a 47 year old WAHM, Wore at Home Mom. I have chronic abdominal and back pain and I absolutely LIVE in my Ruby Ribbon Full Support and Classic Style Cami's and the Leggings. For my life these give me support and give where I need it most. When I do dress up I turn to my Ponte Pants or now to our fabulous Dress and skirt collection. We have something for everyone and for every occasion.

What inspires me:
Over the last 4 years what inspires me has changed greatly. Women and men living with or being part of a family with and helping care for someone with Chronic Pain Disease, these people inspire me everyday. It's hard to be sick but at times it can be worse being the person that has to live with and possibly give care to someone you love with these types of medical problems. That means having to just watch and wait. They're Angels sent from Heaven.dd

I'm always wearing my:
I wear my Ruby Ribbon Full Support Cami all the time!!! Would never ever go back to that Horrible Under Wire.. I've even fallen for the Demiette..

Running my own business with Ruby Ribbon is:
The most incredible, life changing thing I've ever done. I'm so proud to be a part of this company and to share the gift of Ruby Ribbon with everyone I meet. The clothes are life changing and the relationships I've built with other Stylists and my amazing customers is something truly amazing.


Our Unique Three-Part Clothing Collection Will Transform Your Wardrobe

  • Shapewear Shapewear Designed to comfortably flatten your tummy, slim your waist, and so supportive it replaces your bra.
  • Essentials w/ Intomi Essentials With Intomi The 20% of your wardrobe that you wear 80% of the time. Versatile, must-have wardrobe items with a secret - our signature slimming fabric is built right in.
  • Fashion Fashion Complete your look with on trend pieces specifically designed to work with our Shapewear and Essentials for a beautiful figure that's effortless chic.

Enjoy the Rewards

  • Have a fun get together. Have a fun get together with your girlfriends to try on our gorgeous pieces! Host a Trunk Show
  • Join our community. Join our community and get generous discounts on our collection. Become A Stylist
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